Original Music

Find out how and why Flat Out started writing their own music!

Videos, Videos and more videos.

Keep up to date with their latest Facebook videos

Christmas Concert

Find out how we got on at our first Christmas Concert in Ballina Arts Centre.

Too much music?

Mark rants on about his love for the sesh!

Life without Music

Harry tries to hold back the tears as he fills us in on Life without music. There, there Harry.

The Disney Experience

Ciara dishes out all her secrets to 'creating the magic' at Disney Springs.

Musicians free fall from the sky

Did Bríd really get out of bed at 7am to do a sky dive?

Raglan Road Thus Far.

Discover what life at Raglan Road, Disney Springs was really like.

Malawi Trip 2016

Catch up on all our antics from Malawi.